Band on the Run is a "tour-de-force" of musicality.. featuring, simply..the best musician/performers I know. This is the Beatles band I've always wanted to be in, covering the 'whole' lot.. anything 'Beatles' related. Favorites from Wings and McCartney (of course) but also Lennon, Harrison, Starr, Wilbury's, and you might even get some Badfinger, or out-takes on any given night. No rules with this group! Paul Averitt, Chris Holt, Brad Swiger and Jeff Schilling are all masters of their craft here..and we were also delighted to be joined on stage with Steve Howard of Wings ('75-'80) at the House of Blues recently..and in February 2014, we'll be joined by Laurence Juber and Denny Siewell of Wings to perform for the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles coming to America and performing on Ed Sullivan! All at the Hard Rock Cafe Casino and Resort in Cancun, Mexico. We'll play the Sullivan show, song for song that evening (Feb 9) and the rest of the time, we'll "Shake some dust off a this old bus" with Juber and Siewell!

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Me & My Monkey - The Beatles Tribute!   ...what can I say? Monkey is the ultimate tribute to the Beatles!   ..and for the last 15 years, Monkey has remained the same line-up too. Rod Bollinger as John Lennon, George Jara as George Harrison, and Michael Daniel as Ringo Starr, M&MM does the Beatles throughout all their years as the Beatles. Please Please Me, Rubber Soul/Revolver, Pepper, Mystery Tour, Let It Be... etc.. from the Cavern to the Rooftop, Me & My Monkey does, and has done it all. Showcased at the 2004 Beatleweek in Liverpool, we played the Cavern (twice!) and many other Liverpool haunts. Also, Monkey has had the esteemed pleasure of playing with Gordon Waller and Denny Laine as well. I have to say, one just can't have any more fun, than being on stage with this band. Four of the best friends I've ever had. Love these cats!

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The Moptops

This is a full-on Beatles concert experience... featuring some of the world's top Beatle performers/artists like Joe Stefanelli as John Lennon (actor/musician films like Forrest Gump, Nowhere Man, etc), Sal Cartagine's stunning re-creation of the young George Harrison and the legendary Greg George as Ringo Starr.. Greg not only amazes with his uncanny resemblance to Ringo..but his singing and drumming takes it to a whole other levell! These guys are the real deal, walking the walk and talking the talk! If you missed the Beatles in concert in the early/mid sixties.. don't walk.. RUN to see this show! AND, we've got some really big news coming up very soon ...stay tuned! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!

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The Reunion Beatles

What if circumstances had been different?  What if all four former Beatles were alive and well? What if The Beatles could have reunited for one night only? What would it have looked and sounded like?  THE CONCERT THAT NEVER WAS... The ULTIMATE TRIBUTE features four of the world's greatest veteran Beatles look AND sound alike artists performing a tribute to John, Paul, George & Ringo like none that you've ever seen. "The Reunion star in a 'fantasy tour de force' that quite literally brings The Beatles back to life"  "The Reunion" are taking audiences to a place that no other tribute has gone before" The Musicianship, The Chemistry, The Magic and of course, The Songs.... including Get Back, Imagine, My Sweet Lord, A Hard Day's Night, Strawberry Fields Forever, Photograph, Sgt.Pepper, Live & Let Die, Yesterday, I Want To Hold Your Hand, All You Need Is Love, Got My Mind Set On You, Whatever Gets You Through The Night, Band On The Run, With A Little Help From My Friends, Penny Lane, Daytripper, She Loves You.....AND MANY MANY MORE!!! 

       ...And a little something of my own.. a few tunes from my CD 'No Hit Wonder' ... Hope you dig 'em!